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BMW i3 Rex – Range Extender (33.0 KwH)

BMW - Range Extender Electric Car
BMW i3 Rex (33.0 KwH)
Car Details
Electric Car Brand BMW
Electric Car Model i3 Rex (33.0 KwH)
EV-Propulsion Range Extender
Battery Capacity 33.2 kWh
Battery Economy 8.7 kWh/100km
CO2 Emission 0 gr/km CO2
Electric Range 312 km
Transmission Automatic
Drive Rear Wheel
Body Hatchback
Fuel Petrol
Fuel economy 4.7 l/100km
Engine 647 cc
Engine Power 170 hp
Engine Torque 250 Nm
0-100 km/u 7.3 sec
Top Speed 150 km/h
BMW i3 Rex (33.0 KwH)

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BMW Electric Car Manufacturer

BMW i-Label

BMW i is a comprehensive and ground-breaking concept for sustainable mobility. It represents visionary electric vehicles and mobility services, inspiring design and a new understanding of premium that is strongly defined by sustainability. And it thrills with its innovative vehicles: the all-electric BMW i3, a locally emission-free car for city driving that is sustainably designed throughout.

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BMW i3 Rex (33.0 KwH) – with Range Extender


Bye Bye Fuel, Welcome Electric !